Torment is great pain or anguish.  It can be mental but now it is physical.  Texas Department of Criminal Justice is systematically trying to break Celeste Beard Johnson using her body as the tool.

FIVE.  Melissa Bennett at Classification (Texas State Department) moved Celeste based on the above record of falling and a letter supposedly received from her husband.  It stated that he wanted his wife moved to Lane Murray.  Celeste's husband's identity was stolen and his signature was forged to this letter.  Most likely another inmate forged this letter to Classification to mess with Celeste's head or to arrange some bodily harm.  Lane Murray is a less secure unit than Mt. View.   Surely he does not have that authority because he does not visit often.  He has a job that takes him out of the state for long periods of time.  No one verified the letter before making this monumental decision. 

EIGHT.   Celeste's job was Braille transcribing.  Inmates were using the computers to make legal documents while Celeste was going to Galveston.  They actually got one inmate's sentence changed but they caught up with her before she was released.  Another inmate was having marriage licenses made for gay marriages.  Then another was holding ceremonies and getting paid for it.  Still another was selling Ebay.  They were all transferred out mostly to Hobby Unit.  Celeste's computer was confiscated but nothing was on it.

SEVEN.  I am Celeste's mother and many say that I baby Celeste - I protect her and won't let her grow up.  Let her  stop crying and be adult.  I am trying to teach her to change using my nice voice - trying to appeal to her adult mind but it is hard when the mind is so full of other emotions.  I showed her in the Bible forgiveness.  The child FEELS bad and dirty where the offending man/woman has all the blame.  Knowing God's love and forgiveness removes some of the bad feeling.  Her father made her participate in some kind of sexual things.  Then she has fear of being alone because the ex-husband told Celeste, "No one loved her."  God's promises usually handle these fears, but she has the remembrance of  her father looming/standing over her with threats, "It will kill your mother."  Nothing can replace these terrible memories except PRISON.

THREE.  June 23, 2016 surgery was performed on Celeste's foot to stabilize the ankle.  She was released with a splint and crutches to Mt. View.  Celeste loaded the bus with her butt sitting on the steps and using her good foot to raise her to the next safely.  There was no arrangement made to go to Carol Young hospital for recovery.  She returned to Galveston like described to get checked and was put in an air-cast.

     My daughter broke her leg at Travis County jail before her trial and wore a plaster cast and crutches for 2 1/2 years  at Mt. View.  After that she wore a brace and special shoes, she walked on crutches again in 2013.  Celeste requested new special shoes so I guess that was the reason for the surgery.  Anyway she was walking after the surgery around Mt. View safely.

     On October 25, 2016 Celeste was moved to Lane Murray which is a handicap unit.  They have wheel chair and walker inmates there.  She has fallen twice.  First on intake she was made to carry her property with crutches.  Then she slipped on water that was left on the floor.  She is in terrible pain from her ribs or hernia, so she stays in bed.  She won't have to worry about swallowing because she will not be walking to the chow hall but once a day.  The walking distance is long and it hurts too much.

ONE.  The last two years Celeste Beard Johnson has been sent to Galveston 22 times.  I should say the last year and a half because she had her foot surgery in June and got her air-cast the first of July, 2016.  No trips after that.

     Inmates travel from Mt. View by bus to Goree which is a men's prison for sex-offenders.  They spend the night in a holding cell and go the next morning to Galveston for their doctor's appointment.  After the appointment they travel back to Goree for the night and back to Mt. View in the morning.  The prisoner is hackled to another inmate while on the bus.  Everyone prays they don't get shackled to an over-weight prisoner because they are jerked around terribly on the bus.

     Celeste has fears planted in her soul as a child by my ex-husband when he was trying to break Celeste.  She carries that torment with her and it has altered her life forever.  To make the trips to Galveston Celeste read the New Testament through many times 

     Celeste Beard Johnson is serving a life sentence with forty straight years until she qualifies for parole.  Would it be so terrible to fix her physical problems and let her transcribe Braille?  She doesn't need to be on a computer.  Isn't it punishment enough to be confined away from her family and the animals she loves?

     The most that I can do is show you the prison system and how wrong it is.  You talk about water-boarding.  Their system does not hold a candle to it.  I know prisoners milk any system but humane treatment should still prevail.


     7-27-17 Celeste ha surgery (fundoplication surgery).  Her stomach was removed and sewed around her esophagus.  Celeste stayed in the hospital bed for 12 days.  The surgery was a complete success as seen on the upper G.I.  Barium swallow test that Celeste had on the day after her surgery showed no leaks, no hernia, and no injury.

     8-9-17 Saw P.A. Bennett, he ordered her meds but did not give her a 5 pound lifting restriction.  8-17-17 Celeste was forced to heavy lift her property and she immediate felt intense pain.  And again on 11-8-17 the Property Officer forced Celeste to heavy lift and immediately she felt intense pain on her right side.   She had excruciating pain 20 minutes after eating.  At one point she ate absolutely no food for 5 straight days because after she ate she doubled over in pain.

​     This is America - even prisoners have the right TO EAT and receive proper care.  Some prisoners have special diets because of religious reasons, but Celeste has NO FOOD AT ALL!  Celeste has traveled to Galveston 44 times now for medical treatment and is no better off.  

     Celeste is off to Galveston on her 45th trip for a medical appointment - to see the G. I. doctor for the tear in her esophagus.  She will spend the night at Goree (a men's sex offender prison - they raped and murdered women).  Women in a sex crime prison!  The woman prisoners sees them performing all kinds of sex acts when they enter the prison.  The mattresses have many excretions on them from the men.  GROSS!  

     I didn't tell you about the mice.  They come into the prison at Goree looking for food.  One time an inmate let her long hair fall to the floor and a mouse climbed up the hair to search for food.  People are sick that are housed there to see a specialist at the hospital the next day.  Mice surely are disease carrying rodents.

     Make no mistake, Celeste will die in prison.  Celeste was sentenced to 40 straight years behind bars before she could be considered for a parole hearing.  She would be close to 80 years old.  Where the shooter, Tracey Tarlton, was sentenced to 20 years and was paroled after 10 and she fully expected to stay for 10 years only, because of her false testimony.  That is JUSTICE in America!

     Since the Texas Court has condemned Celeste to death, it doesn't matter if she chokes to death, or tears her hernia, or again damages the leg they broke in Travis County Jail.  It's all moot, just a matter of time, but it is torture.  Half a dozen inmates have died in this unit since Celeste was put there.  No one cares!

     The G.I. doctor told Celeste on Friday (1/26/2018) he believes she is now in the same condition as she was before the surgery.  He believes her sphincter is stretched open.  The GERD in not relieved from the 8 pills Celeste takes each day.  The G.I. doctor is worried that another surgery could make it worse, especially since the unit doesn't care what Galveston requests.  They had 6 deaths in less than 6 months and 3 were medical neglect.  Celeste is afraid she will die there.  There is no medical reason to keep Celeste in that unit any longer.  She is no longer on crutches.

     The world screamed when America waterboarded terrorist at Guantanamo!  At Texas prisons, officers hit the prisoner's beds with their night sticks at regular intervals during the night, which amounts to "sleep deprivation."  The excuse is, "We have to make sure the prisoner isn't dead."  Yet another prisoner just died, so it is not working.  She was sick for days and calling for help.  The officer said, " Get off your lazy ass and go to sick call."  They had to take her to the bathroom using a wheelchair because she was too week to walk.  The inmate was 51 years old and her sentence was 15 years.  Does the Geneva Convention apply to abuse like this?

FOUR.  Celeste has Benign Paraxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) which commonly called crystals.  Mayo Clinic's advice to BPPV patients to see a doctor if you experience any unexplained dizziness or vertigo that recurs periodically for more than one week.  August 29, 2016 P.A. Sherwood doubled the medicine for Celeste's vertigo because she was falling down .  On the 29th Celeste's eye was jumping (Nystagmus) and the P.A. saw water in her ear.  I'm not a doctor but it looks like the eyes and ear can be damaged because of these crystals if not put back in place.  NOTHING HAS BEEN MEDICALLY DONE TO PROTECT THE EYE OR EAR - CELESTE IS STILL TAKING THE MEDICINE ON A 24 HOUR SCHEDULE.

SIX.  It is easy to mess with Celeste's head.  I could list every inmate or person that has done it over the last 16 years.  It started with the twins and Tarlton and continues because it is so easy to do.  Celeste has NO ability to figure out a person's intention.  A person is either nice or mean to her.  Nice people she functions very well around, but mean people she hides from them.  Celeste at one time put herself in Segregation because another mean inmate was threatening her life.  Then another time her blood pressure shot up so high they had to sedate her.  The inmates can not believe how gullible Celeste Beard Johnson is.

     Celeste has achieved the highest training in Braille and passed it but she is emotionally stunted because of childhood abuse.  Prisons expect other inmates to keep these inmates in line with the many dramas they think up, but it doesn't work with Celeste because she does not see the lesson - only fear.  They use to call it Stockholm syndrome.  It won't change.  The dramas will only hurt Celeste Beard Johnson over and over again.  She learns better with nice and she has had several classes aimed at improvement, but they never reach that small child in Celeste that continues to hold on to her fears.  It's an automatic reaction. 


The picture above is Celeste Beard Johnson with her mother.  She was using crutches in 2013 when I visited her in prison.  Celeste broke her leg in Travis County jail in 2002.  Celeste was wearing prison shoes which stuck to the painted concrete floors of the jail.  A plaster cast was put on that leg and it made that foot displaced.  Celeste wore braces and special shoes after that.  Tarlton is such a liar, Celeste wore the plaster cast for two years after her sentence on March 20, 2003.  At one time the doctors cut the cast off but put it back on using ace bandaging.  Check any record and Tarlton's lies will be revealed. 

TWO.  Around Christmas of 2014 Celeste Beard Johnson was having trouble swallowing water so she submitted and I-60 which is a form asking for medical help.  Then New Years Day 2015 the Heimlich maneuver was performed by Sgt. Powell, Mr. Albert, Ms. Mosteller, and Nurse McCuthen for meat that was stuck in Celeste's throat.  She was sent to Galveston for tests 13 times in 2015.  In 2016 she had 9 trips which included her foot surgery.  3 trips were denied by her.

     Celeste Beard Johnson has retention of puree which can be cleared with dry swallow or liquid wash.  She was given a medical pass to allow her 30-45 minutes to eat and extra/double fluids to drink.  Mostly the pass was ignored so she ate in her cubicle.  An EGD test showed a large hiatal hernia that could be causing persistent reflux.  Celeste's symptoms may be driven by the hiatal hernia which has never been repaired.  She continued to have maneuvers done on her to unblock the esophagus.